How Do You Easily Achieve Relaxation And Inner Peace?

Relaxation and inner peace can make your work and relationships so much more joyful! All your efforts for a high quality of life become worthwhile when your mind and heart are truly peaceful. Below, you’ll find 2 techniques to help you relax in the shortest possible time: 2-5 minutes.

Relaxation And Inner Peace

There are many outer ways to foster relaxation and inner peace. Watching a sunset... or holding an infant.

Do you sometimes lie on the ground under a clear blue sky and feel blissful?

Have you ever used a visualization script for relaxation?

What these have in common is they expand your heart.
This expansion is like an invisible shield of protection. It frees you from negative, stress-related thoughts like "I can’t do it" or "why did that happen to me??" Such tranquil images are used in creative visualizations and meditations because of their relaxing nature.

It’s a fact that your sub-conscious mind or ‘inner child’ doesn’t distinguish between what’s real or imagined. Therefore, imagining a sunset during a guided creative visualization has the exact same power to relax you as an actual sunset!

When your body is relaxed you breathe more deeply, naturally and free of restriction.


Two Simple Exercises For Relaxation And Inner Peace

Let’s try something now to promote a feeling of peace and relaxation:


  • Breathing just as you are, notice the length of each inhalation and exhalation

  • Observe how much of your body is involved in breathing

  • Now put one hand at the top of your chest and your other hand on your belly

  • Fully exhale

  • Starting with your belly, inhale and watch as your hand moves away from your body

  • Breathe into your rib cage,let it expand

  • Finally, breathe into your lungs and see how the hand on your chest moves away

  • Exhale the air out of your chest and lungs, then rib cage, and finally your belly

  • At the end, close your eyes for a minute and simply observe how you are feeling now


If you’ve followed this instructions, congratulations! You’ve just completed one Full Breath exercise. To experience relaxation and inner peace throughout the day, repeat this simple breathing exercise several times. Go at your own pace and be comfortable.

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry if your breathing felt jerky and disjointed. Whenever you carefully observe something in yourself for the first few times it can feel like it’s not quite part of you yet. It always improves with repetition and patience.


Another effective way to attract relaxation and inner peace into your whole being is the Full Body Relaxation technique. This very simple technique is described in detail on the page about how to meditate for beginners.

If you carry quite a bit of body tension, don’t worry. Relaxation and inner peace actually accumulate over time with practice. You can think of it as compounding - like some investments!

The ultimate benefit of knowing how to harness relaxation and inner peace? Well, you can’t always hold a sleeping infant or be outside at sunset... That’s why it’s crucial to know how to access these relaxing states anywhere, anytime. Do these at your desk, in your kitchen or between flights and see how much your overall stress drops over time.

Would you like to discover a simple relaxation technique? You can practice it anywhere and anytime you feel stuck, anxious, stressed or upset.

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