Who Else Wants To Experience The Benefits Of Grounding Meditation?

Grounding meditation is like finding a sturdy rope to swing yourself over a canyon when a terrifying grizzly bear is chasing you. Even when this only happens to you in a dream, don't you love finding that strong rope?!

By the end of this page you'll discover a simple meditation that grounds your body, mind and emotions. And, there are several ways to help make meditation a habit, described in greater detail in meditation home study.

Especially for the air types, grounding meditation is crucial. This is not an insult... "Air" refers to a specific constitutional type that includes mind, body and emotions. Air or 'Vata', Earth or 'Kapha' and Fire or 'Pita' types are described by Ayurveda - the oldest and perhaps wisest systems of medicine, dating back over 5,000 years.

Ayurveda was discovered by the wise Indian sages... the same sages who have given us yoga and meditation. If you’d like to discover this fascinating system, I suggest an excellent book: "A Life of Balance: The Complete Guide To Ayurvedic Nutrition & Body Types With Recipes", by Maya Tawari. It's full of recipes and tips for your own constitutional types and there is a quiz to help you determine it.

Who Is Grounding Meditation For?

Although you may not know what type you are, let's try this for fun...

Are you creative and imaginative? Do you feel things more deeply and cry easily when you feel moved?

While all types must be careful to maintain balance, 'Vata' people are more emotional. They need extra grounding. Grounding meditation of course, is for everyone. It helps you feel centered, grounded and serene. Quickly!

How do you know when you are not grounded?

Be aware of the symptoms. These can include:

  • Difficulty finding solutions...
  • Feeling emotionally flighty or frazzled...
  • Being disorganized...
  • Feeling at loose ends or moody...
  • Loss of interest in what someone is saying...
  • Being overwhelmed by details...
  • Decreased concentration when your energy is scattered.

Grounding meditation will give you an edge at work and in every kind of communication. While 'Vata' types more often feel ungrounded than the others types, all three types need meditation. No one is without stress today. This type of meditation literally grounds the energy, emotions and body.

Let's try it now!

Sample Grounding Meditation

Here is a tree meditation. Nature is very healing and grounding. You'll enjoy this easy meditation.

In your yard, a park or forest where you have privacy, choose a tree that attracts you. It might be young and or old. Then inwardly ask it for permission to approach it. When you sense the OK, approach it.

Grounding Meditation

Put your hands on the tree trunk. Begin speaking to the tree out loud, if possible, or mentally. Tell it the story about that you feel sad about, some unresolved situation. Trust yourself to do this.

Speak until your story is finished and you have no more to say. At some point or when you reach the end, just rest your forehead against the trunk. Most importantly, experiment with these instructions and see what happens.

You may feel the tree receive your story and lift your energy upward. Your mind may become still and silent. No thoughts. No sadness. You may enter meditation or deep relaxation standing with the tree.

You'll get a sense of the grounding force of nature. It might be the first time or maybe more deeply than other times.

This grounding meditation can show you just how healing nature is. You can release your sadness any time. Other emotions also. Nature is a powerful healer. .. you may have had such an experience in your life at some time.

There are many ways you can meditate on nature. Those days when you have little time or can't go outside, use the 5 minute online guided meditation. Do them at lunch time and let them take you deep into your inner silence.

Be good to yourself... use grounding meditation 5 minutes a day and feel the results!

Would you like to discover a simple meditation technique? You can practice it anywhere and anytime you feel stuck, anxious, stressed out, or upset.

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