Daily Meditation For Women
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Hello. Welcome to my daily meditation for women website! Of course, men also have stress and it's great hearing how much this site helps them. Learn everything you want to know about stress relief, inner peace and rejuvenation through quick, easy, fun daily meditations.

You may want help to relieve your daily stress and worries. You have a ton of demanding roles: wife, mother, daughter, career woman, to name a few. Among all these, have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

It's exhausting and often lonely caring for everyone else, isn't it? You may have stress at work, stress communicating with your partner, caring for your children or an elderly parent. It's not that you don't love your life... it's just that you want to know who you are beyond all the roles you have, and enjoy balance and serenity - in this lifetime!

"If you're looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate yourself during the day, Sukala's beautiful meditations are a perfect solution. Give yourself the gift of these five minute meditations. You'll be glad you did!"

Cynthia Kersey, Best Selling Author: "Unstoppable Women"

This daily meditation for women website will help you and I'm thrilled to be your relaxation-through-meditation guide on the internet.
I'll show you how stress affects health, the numerous benefits of meditating daily for just 1 to 5 minutes, and how you can easily do it!

Find out all you need to know about balancing stress and meditation and stress relief. Discover the most fun ways to relieve stress, and find step-by-step instructions and techniques how to meditate.

Learn about focused relaxation and what a huge impact short moments of meditation have on your success in all areas of your life, including work and relationships.
Find the answers to your questions about stress relief guided meditation, discover effective relaxation scripts, and the great convenience of listening online guided meditation - in the comfort of your own home or office.

Read what other busy women – just like you - say now, after they've asked me: “Teach me how to meditate, Sukala!”
All experts agree nowadays that the benefits of meditating daily are huge! Do you know why do people meditate?

If you always felt something important was missing in your life... yet you couldn't put your finger on what it was... discover it here, now! Download and enjoy my complimentary guided relaxation audios… and the series of FREE Meditation and Relaxation Tips - you will find request forms on almost every page.

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If you are like most women, you've probably avoided daily meditation… until now. You might have thought that meditation takes too much of your valuable time or that is difficult to learn… this is why I make it easy for you to learn to eliminate stress and worrying from your life through short daily meditations.

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So come on in, find yourself, experience joy, love and serenity. Enjoy a relaxation video, read the inspirational story about Shandar, the healing monk of the exotic Himalayas on my blog, or explore your topics of interest form the list below:

Meditation Escape Site Map
This site map helps you find easier your topics of interest on meditation and relaxation.
Sukala's Blog
Receive new meditations, relaxations, visualizations and instructions for writing your own script; free meditation audio, and many free tips.
How Stress Affects Health
Women’s health: how stress affects health, stress hormones, and how to reduce stress in 5 minutes a day.
Why Do People Meditate - Benefits of Meditation
Why do people meditate? Is meditation for me? Can everyday, normal people meditate? Can I do it at home? Get your answers here.
Meditation And Stress Relief
How many times when anxious, depressed, or simply upset have you used meditation and stress relief for a quick release of these negative feelings?
Meditation & Focused Relaxation Contribute to Success
If focused relaxation doesn’t come naturally for you, meditation & creative visualization help you release the stress that hinders your success.
Personalized Relaxation Script
A relaxation script will help tame your wild mind. Relaxation quickly restores your intuitive intelligence. Create your own relaxation script!
Meditation Practice Tools
Use these meditation practice tools for best relaxation results and adjust them to serve your own unique needs and preferences.
Online Guided Meditation Audios
Experience deep relaxation and healing energy with 5 min. online guided meditation audios. Listen on your computer or even on your iPod!
Listen Guided Meditation - Meditation Escape Store
Listen guided meditation while simply sitting or laying comfortably, with your eyes closed. You’ll be completely relaxed and stress-free.
Free Guided Relaxation Teleclasses
Meditation Escape offers free guided relaxation Teleclasses where you learn practical and lasting tools to release your stress. Register here now!
Visualization Script For Relaxation
Your visualization script for relaxation changes your inner state from anxious or scattered, to peaceful, serene and centered.
Balancing Stress Through Guided Relaxation
Guided relaxation and creative visualization are key to balancing stress; they keep you calm, focused, highly creative, in tune with yourself.
Fun Ways To Relieve Stress
In my relaxation classes women frequently ask for fun ways to relieve stress. Take a look which three are the most popular with stressed out women!
Meditation Types
Try Spontaneous Meditation, one of the meditation types that help you experience peace of mind and tangible benefits in the shortest amount of time.
Stress Reducer Tools and Techniques E-zine
Receive a FREE E-book, stress reducer tools, quick relaxation tips, and guided meditation downloads when you subscribe to our free ezine, Stress Solutions.
Stress Relief Guided Meditation FAQ
What is stress relief guided meditation? How can you find time to meditate with a busy lifestyle? What changes do you notice? Get your answers here!
Teach Me How To Meditate, Sukala...
Could you please teach me how to meditate, Sukala? That’s the question I hear most from my clients... what do they have to say after that?
Teaching Stress Management For Busy Women
Meet your host, Sukala Boyd who is teaching stress management through stress-relieving guided meditations and creative visualization.
For Help On Relaxation, Contact Me!
Need help on relaxation? Want to release stress? Perhaps you have a question about guided meditation? Contact me and I’ll get in touch!
Relaxation Video Collection
Watch a relaxation video when you feel frustrated or stressed out… Share this collection with a friend who is worried or depressed…
Creative Visualization Strategy For Achieving Your Goal.
Creative visualization strategy can help you with short or longer-term goals like procrastinating, weight loss or becoming your real, authentic self!
Brain Waves During Meditation
The altered brain waves during meditation create the happiness and contentment that begins spilling over into all your daily activities!
Coaching Anti Stress
Experience increased flow, balance and wellness in your life with personalized coaching anti stress at Meditation Escape!